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The reason why I say "3D EVERYWHERE" is because everywhere you look, almost everything you see is in 3D. My definition of 3D is when you can see something that has depth. A piece of paper is 2D, it has no real depth, its flat. So if we are living in a 3D world why would anyone draw in 2D. True, there is many uses for 2D plans but the problem with 2D is you can't really get a real-to-life feeling for what a room, yard or house will look like when construction is finished. Now lets talk a little about remodeling and decorating...

Are you tired of playing the guessing game with your ideas about remodeling? Not knowing if you would like the finished room design? Imagine being able to see a picture of your completed room remodel before you actually begin construction. Having the ability to pick and choose different colors, textures, tiling, cabinets, fixtures, appliances, etc to any room or yard in real time. Here at Third Dimension Design we are your 3D visualization specialists. We simply need to draw the room you want to remodel, then you or our expert design team has control of the remodeling- choosing the right colors and surfaces. What ever your heart desires, we can make it reality. Thinking of a new front or back yard landscape, maybe incorporating a pool or spa, garden or an outside dining area, using 3D in these areas lets you place things right the first time. Maybe you're a new homeowner and don't know what to do with that bare back or front yard, I can give you some ideas to think about along with a color picture of what could be your new yard. The possibilities are endless, you can go to my website and click on the home projects link above to get a better idea of what I can do for you. This page displays some current home projects of my own, using this tried and true 3D design concept.

Working with 3D throughout the years has given me great pleasure and has been very helpful in all my designs. Some things I have designed include homes, landscape design, workshop design, pools, front yard layout and total home remodeling. That's just the beginning, designing with a 3D plan makes the job so much more enjoyable to complete and knowing what exactly is going into the project. I have designed and built my share of outdoor decks, benches, storage sheds, children's play equipment etc.

Next month my wife and I are going to be moving into our first home. In these months before the big move in, I find myself doing a lot of preliminary designing in my head. I think about things like labor, difficulty and of course the cost of certain improvements. The design process is going to start with me drawing the house in its entirety along with a photograph of every room in our new home. I plan change areas of the house for many reasons, the biggest one would be to add to the value of the house. My remodeling of this house is going to be an ongoing addition to this website.

The contents of my website explain and show my total home visualization concepts. It clearly shows you home improvement projects before they start and the finished product. I take pictures of the existing home ("before"), and then I show you a 3D rendered drawing of the improved room ("after"). You can clearly see that my work is picture quality, can you tell the difference between my 3D rendering and a picture?

Have you noticed all the new home stores popping up around town, wouldn't it be more of a pleasure to know what will look good in your house before buying? Those types of stores are impressive but can be a little intimidating too, so much stuff you want but don't know just how to coordinate it into your existing home. I'm here to help you, we can sit down, talk about your needs and wants, and I'll make a picture of your house you can see after the improvements are finished. Want to change a few things, no problem it's a simple click or two...

Wireframe drawings are the first step in the 3D process. They are produced with a CAD program such as AutoCAD After the wireframe drawing is drawn, it is rendered. Rendering means "painting" color and texture over a wireframe model, making it look real. Rendering software comes with many different materials and textures including wood, paint textures, grass, concrete, carpet, flooring etc. For instance, I can draw the living room in your home, then show you many different types and colors of carpet. You can experiment with a whole room re-decoration if you wish. Changes are very easy to implement because of the nature of most rendering packages. I can draw the construction of your new home and you can talk with me and plan the exterior styles and interior design before your ready for it to be done. If your wanting to remodel your business and want it displayed, I can make you an interior walk-thru animation showing the newly done changes. Shown below is an example of the 3D drawing process, on the left is the actual drawing of the dwelling in "wireframe" form, on the right is the "rendered" finished image.

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3D can show you things about a design that you never have thought about. Having the ability to see everything in a picture in front of you enables you to make sure everything fits together nicely. Problems can be dealt with also, say for example you want to redesign your living room and somehow incorporate a fireplace in the design. Using 3D your able to point out structural difficulties that you or a contractor might have to deal with. All my drawings are drawn to scale and are easily read by anyone. If your project needs a building professional, I can point you in the right direction to find a qualified person.

Please look at some of my projects link above to see what everyone is talking about, thank you for visiting and GOD bless.