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My name is David Schwinghamer, I am a residential designer, I am not an architect, architects are licensed in the state or multiple states where they want to practice. Because they are licensed, they can charge you the homeowner premium prices. If your project is a simple room addition or remodel an architect first of all probably wouldn' t take your project on because there isnt much money and the scope of your project could be easily handled by a RESIDENTIAL DESIGNER.

I have went thru a lot of schooling myself and have worked in my share of architectural and engineering offices since the late 80's. Ive always felt that learning by doing- experience is much more valuable than any test, that is why I never considered taking the license exam.

If you are still not ok with the idea that a home designer can take on your project consider this, even architects have to get their designs passed from city plan inspectors that issue the building permits. There are other instances that an architect wouldn't have the knowledge such as structural engineering. What I'm saying here is that we all have positions that we are most qualified for.

I myself take pride in working with my clients listening to all their needs and wants while keeping budget in mind. Going the extra mile for people doing extras like a 3D rendering of their new space giving them the look and feel they thrive.

Whole house planning is all about design for your inside and out. With my homeowners myself included, you crave updating your home in many ways. My current DC home which is my third home, I always loved the neighborhood here because of the massive acreage. We started on the inside and now I am perfecting all things landscape. Be sure to check out the Desert Cove page to get the whole scoop, thank you.

Please look at some of my projects link above to see what everyone is talking about, thank you for visiting and GOD bless.
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