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It all started the fall of 1984, I was attending Arcadia High School taking Architectural drafting classes. This is where I got my first taste of my future career. After high school I enrolled into a school called Phoenix Institute of Technology. I took an Architectural drafting class with emphasis working with AutoCAD 10! After taking that class I knew I have found my lifelong career niche. PIT placed me into a drafting position with a local Phoenix electrical engineer. Then in 1991 I was hired onto a company called Tor Engineering drafting with a program called Microstation, AutoCAD's most fierce competitor. I would be working with electrical engineers drawing electrical substations and underground high power utility lines. In Febuary of 1993 I was involved in a motorcycle accident, which ended my employment at Tor Engineering. From that point on I was battling with work obstacles such as memory loss and a slow thinking process. My career path was then interruped by a lot of job firing. That is when I started working for myself doing what I love to do, all I had to was impress the people that hired me, that was easy compared to keeping a boss happy. Continuing to take AutoCAD refresher courses in a local community college I was introduced to the world of 3D in 1997. That is when Third Dimension Design was born, determined to become a rising Frank Lloyd Wright follower with a twist. That twist is called 3D and it has been my focal point of my company.

I was talking with a web designer friend of mine about my business and he suggested to me I should consider getting into web design to alleviate slow times in my 3D work schedule. I thought this was a brilliant idea, starting to learn the basics of HTML and graphic manipulation. Here I saw more of my creative talents flourish, working with graphic images and logos I was able to produce professional level sites. Reading in a favorite Internet magazine I discovered that making short animations using Flash from Macromedia is a crowd favorite. Thinking of the animation work that I have done with Architectural buildings, walk through animations and room panorama animations, I knew Flash animations were going to be fairly easy to make. My furure goals for my business is to revolutionize the ways to use 3D on the web. I want to share the third dimension with the entire world!

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