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Design & Drafting

Being a professional designing new and old buildings is more than just a design job, we wear many hats when it comes to running a successful practice. Here is a short rundown of this occupation:

  • Writing design proposals for new jobs and clients                                                     
  • Up selling other services
  • Contract writing and payment collection
  • Researching codes and limitations for special projects
  • Doing site visits taking pictures and taking notes, measurements
  • Sketching new design ideas
  • Coordinating with other professionals for engineering services
  • Designing and drawing plans, details, writing specifications
  • Producing PDF files and sending them to owners for design approvals
  • Dealing with difficult clients
  • Printing drawings and submitting to the city/county
  • Correcting redlined drawings
  • Taxes and business write-offs
  • 3D rendering and animations