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Working With New Clients

Working with new clients can be exciting and invigorating. It provides an opportunity to showcase your skills, expand your network, and build new relationships. Meeting new people and learning about their businesses, projects, and goals can be an enriching experience, and it allows you to gain insights into different industries and markets.

Working with new clients also challenges you to adapt to new situations, understand different communication styles, and provide solutions to unique problems. It can be a chance to test your knowledge and creativity and develop new skills.

Additionally, working with new clients can bring a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction when you see your work and ideas bring positive outcomes for your clients. The feeling of making a difference in someone’s life is incredibly rewarding!

Overall, the joy of working with new clients comes from the opportunities for growth, learning, and making a positive impact.

I have recently met a woman named Paula with a nice house in north Scottsdale that found my website. She wants to get her fence started finally, actually this new backyard fence will give her the privacy she’s wanting. This 8’ tall fence has been a 3.5-year journey dealing with neighbors, the local HOA and the city of Scottsdale.

This will be only the beginning because Paula also wants to remodel her pool, backyard and add a casita also. Fortunately, she has lots of construction docs for myself to view. Looking at the approved site plan from the city of Scottsdale, I don’t see an area big enough to place a small casita. I guess the plans were done before the thought of a casita. The biggest change will be to add 50’ more fencing in the North direction. It is a small change on a plan but if you think more about it, we also have to account for more materials and labor too.

At this point, Dimitri my GC is going to continue the process of building this massive stucco covered fence, with a few plan modifications of course. Another item that wasn’t thought about is getting access to her new yard area. Looking at the overall scheme, it makes sense to add a 12’ wide rv gate that would eventually get blocked by the new casita from the house.