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Full Home Remodeling
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Designing Phoenix’s Home Remodeling Projects Since 1993

As the years go on, the home we once knew and loved can become outdated and in need of repairs. Perhaps the floor plan you originally loved is no longer functional for your growing family, or the basement just never made it to the completed list of “projects to do.” Whatever your reason for mapping out a full home remodel, the process of creating a workable design can be challenging. You not only need to make sure you’re getting a beautiful and functional result but that the plans are suitable for your contractors. That’s where we come in.

At Third Dimension Design, we specialize in new home remodeling design services for residents of Phoenix, AZ, and the surrounding areas. With detailed blueprints complete with precise dimensions, we can help you make informed decisions about what will work in your available square footage. Start the design process today and embrace a new chapter of homeownership.

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Remodel Your Home With Our Expert Drafting Services

Our homes are our safe spaces where we can relax after a long day, host friends and family, and truly be ourselves. But when that home no longer brings us peace, the time for a remodel is upon us. At Third Dimension Design, we work with you to create a space that reflects your current and future needs. Whether you plan to tear everything down to the studs or just renovate the first floor, our draftsmen can help you organize your thoughts into a detailed design blueprint.

We take the time not only to get to know your home but who you are as a person. Understanding what you like and dislike allows us to draft a design solution that brings your entire vision to life. Room proportions, stairway locations, electrical placements, and furniture layouts are just a few of the ways our blueprints can simplify your home renovation project.

Helping You Get the Perfect Design Plans

Your home is a reflection of your personality and should bring you joy every time you walk through the door. Trust our draftsmen to put together a design blueprint that echoes the ideas in your head. Submit your contact information below and we’ll be in touch to schedule a free design consultation.

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Hear What Our Customers Are Saying

David is amazing! There were things along the way that I did not understand, and he always took the time to explain.

Kris M.

“David has drawn plans for the last few projects I have completed. It was nice to have him throughout the permit process. David also completed an as-built on an existing property which I was having a nightmare dealing with the county on and David was able to get it permitted.”

Nick M.

“Quick to respond. Knowledgable, helpful and thorough. Would definitely use them again!”


“Third dimension is one the best companies that I ever worked with. They are fast at responding. They are very good in helping to solve your problems. The best!”

Dimitri G.

“I would definitely recommend Third Dimension Design to everyone. Their prices are reasonable. David did a great job explaining everything to me when we hired him to design a front and back addition to our house. He also designed our pool. We are very happy with the process and how our new additions turned out.”

Lidia G.

Drafting Designs Throughout Maricopa County

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Full Home Remodeling Design Questions

You’ve saved countless inspiration photos, tried a dozen different paint samples, and chosen a variety of furniture pieces, but you just can’t picture the finalized product. We understand that questions arise during a home remodeling project, and we have the answers to all your questions regarding our design and drafting services. Take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions, and contact us today if you have additional inquiries.

We’re firm believers that you should always know exactly what you’re paying for before you pay for it. While we can’t provide an exact estimate without understanding the scope of your project, we’ll always be upfront and honest about our service costs. During your initial consultation, we’ll walk you through the entire design process, including our fees.

Of course! We happily provide 3D renderings of our blueprints for clients who prefer a more in-depth visual. This will allow you to further experiment with various paint colors, flooring options, and furniture configurations. When you schedule a free consultation with Third Dimension Design, be sure to ask about our 3D design options.

A blueprint, by definition, is a scaled technical drawing. When talking about a home remodeling blueprint produced by Third Dimension Design, we’re referring to a floor plan drafting service. This detailed draft is much more than a simple sketch—it’s a detailed roadmap that guides every aspect of your home renovation project.

Within this blueprint, we include essential information that includes the layout of each room, the placement of walls, doors, and windows, as well as electrical and plumbing fixtures. In addition to the floor plan, our blueprints often feature cross-sectional drawings, offering a cut-away view of your home to illustrate the internal structure. This is particularly valuable for understanding how different levels, ceilings, and structural components will interact within your renovated space.

Architectural Drafting Experts You Can Rely On

We’re here to define every line of your design.

Open & Honest Communication

We believe in upfront communication throughout the entire drafting and design process. We’re here to answer any questions you may have, update you on the progress of your project, and more.

30+ Years of Experience

Third Dimension Design has been in the drafting industry since the early ‘90s. Our draftsmen bring a wealth of knowledge and decades of experience to every Phoenix, AZ, project we work on.

Customized Solutions

No two renovation projects are the same, and our drafting and design services reflect that. We’ll work with you to create a detailed blueprint that fits your aesthetic, your needs, and your overall goals.

Know When a Home Remodel is Right For You

Just as our bodies age with time, our homes age in their own way—foundations begin to sink, walls begin to crack, plumbing becomes outdated, and we outgrow what once suited our needs. If you’ve been experiencing continuous repairs to your home or have found that you no longer enjoy the current floor plan and aesthetics, it may be time to start thinking about a full home remodel.

At Third Dimension Design, we know exactly how to map out your new home’s layout in a way that complements your evolving tastes. With our detailed drafting skills and high-quality renderings, you can be sitting in your newly designed home in no time.

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