David Schwinghamer

Modern House Model Design


My name is David Schwinghamer, I am the founder and creator of a unique company called Third Dimension Design, LLC. 

Our niche market would have to be home remodeling and additions architecture.
We are passionate about helping you the homeowner a direct way to better understand the remodeling process in the eyes of a designer.

We do have a unique work process that we focus more in the middle of your project, we like to expand your household into the third dimension to give you a glimpse of the end outcome hence our business name! Doing this lets us exercise design challenges so you know exactly how things end up. This is also a great place to try wall color choices, tile, carpet, textures, plants, furniture, you name it. Along with this valuable service you can be sure that we will treat your project like its our own. We are committed to you the dwelling owner, striving for your complete satisfaction! That is why we take care of everything from drawing plans to traveling to your local city hall to get your permits. We are listed on Angi’s List if you want to read some of our customer reviews, thank you.

We are creative designers that have a passion for helping all you dwelling owners to improve upon their shacks for the better. Any shelter can be improved in some way, some projects are easy but most we have seen takes some doing and planning it get them done successfully. Once complete, your place is more your own, more for you to enjoy and more to show off to your friends and family. Another great advantage now is your dwelling is more valuable equaling instant equity!

Pricing a project really depends on what you are wanting to accomplish. Most anything you need plans for will cost around 3k and up. That is a small price to pay for all the benefits you will get out of a remodeled home. We will be happy to meet with you and talk about what type of remodeling you want to accomplish.